What’s your name & DJ name?

Ickymac. No more questions, please.

What is the name of your show?

Fine. Nothing Sacred. It is on 9pm on Friday nights, MST. [Updated to reflect schedule change 8/31/20.]

What’s your shows format?


As for the style, it’s probably best described as encompassing math and chaos. Somewhere between a ritual and séance. Meditation and movement. The concept, generally, is to expose an audience to as much music from all over the world, known or not, and to make it new. The goal is to make it sound natural. While selecting the source nearly randomly. And a rhythm to follow, for when it gets too weird.

I try to embody the spirit of a conductor, with the artists’ finished works as my instruments. Of course, all the egos in a single space can be difficult to manage, and it often shows. While that is not the goal, the wrangling of the cats back into the flock is the fun of it.

Wait. The show is a cacophony. Yes, unread everything you just heard. The show is a rhythmic cacophony.

What drew you to participate in KMRD?

When I first heard about it, I saw it a modern local move toward creating a legacy for Madrid. No one knows who specifically built half of Madrid. Very few of the locals today have met Oscar Huber. And that is all because it happened so long ago. Yet the evidence remains. KMRD could very well be here a century from now, and we get to experience this as it began. I wanted to be a part of it, not stand in the way of it. It’s an awesome opportunity, and an awesome, bold move for the community. I’m so proud of Stella for pulling this off!

Also, I really wanted a reason to work more with music. (I probably should have led with that)

What difference has being a DJ made in your life?

I’ve notice that I do more art. Of all sorts, and not just what I make with music.

Also, the other DJs are so damn good! When I hear what they bring to the table, I feel like I am always having to step up my performance. Not that it is competitive, I just feel I need to honor the station and the hard work from the DJs who make it happen. It takes a lot of time for me to figure these things out.

What difference has the station made in your life?

I remember my first DJ training day. Our group was Bett and Beth, creators of Planet Juniper and The Dated Lesbian Indie Rock Hour; Leesah, DJ Sprinkles and DJ Baby Soulution of The Night Jar, Frankie of the Life Along the Hogback, Alyson with Good Times… I digress. I had such a great time with this motley crew (not the 80’s hair rockers), and I have had fun getting to know them personally and through their shows ever since. When I hear their shows or see them around, I always think of them as my graduating class. I met so many great people through the radio. People have said nice things to me. And I honestly couldn’t tell if they were just being nice. These things are very different for me, and I blame KMRD for this. Thank you. No more questions, please.

What are your hopes for your show and for the station?

OK. One more.

May KMRD get mass recognition and be listened to throughout New Mexico and the World, for all of time! (please read out loud with a certain umph and gusto. Try to make the fellow next to you nervous, or repeat at another location if the first attempt just got too awkward)

I think a dedicated online archive on our website would be rather keen.

I have a lot I still want to do musically. To be sure, I have a lot of room to grow and hone my product as well. That is; I hope the-powers-that-be will continue to allow me to perform my art. I know the late-night Monday slot is the most coveted amongst any DJ. I hope there isn’t a coup.