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Audio Play: The Manual Didn’t Say You Had to Feed the Protégés

Poster for "The Manual Didn't Say You Had to Feed the Protégés"

The Manual Didn’t Say You Had to Feed the Protégés is an original audio play written and directed by Clinton Anderson. An absurdist drama, “The Manual Didn’t Say You Had to Feed the Protégés” follows the interpersonal conflicts and bureaucratic unraveling that arise when a Teleportation Research Institute unexpectedly finds itself in outer space. It was produced at KMRD in 2021, starring Stephen Jules Rubin, Ken Wolverton, Christin Boyd, Alina Pontius, Andrew Wice, Dennis Overman, Dennis Pettas, and Denise Lord. Recording and editing was done by Stella Linder Byrne, with additional technical support from Georgina Hahn and Will Floyd. Sound effects were produced by Mike Edwards, and Ickymac made the poster. Music by Galactic Witchcraft.

 Running time: one hour