Ijah // Anthony Umi

What’s your name and your DJ name?

Anthony Umi and my DJ name is Ijah.

What’s the name of your show, and when is it on?

Music Mine (it’s “mine” like a coal or a gold mine, not “mind”), Friday mornings, 9:00 to 10:00am. My idea of this show was that we’re building a collective of music miners for a nice variety. I like to think our musical taste is pretty broad, and we bring variety and diversity with the different DJs digging the music.

Please describe your show. What’s its format?

My format personally is all over the place—I love all genres: jazz, reggae, soul, blues, salsa, African music, Brazilian music; I include music from Europe, China, India (I love Indian classical music and I’m starting to work that in, too).

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