Laine Patterson

What is your name? What is your show called, and what is its format?

Laine Patterson. The show’s called The Cosmic Dawn Music Hour, 9:00 Saturday morning. The Cosmic Dawn was a real astrological event, that happened around 4 million years after the Big Bang when it was dark then the lights came back on in the universe. It was the dawn of new stars, which I translate into more enlightened time and higher consciousness. What better place to create a uplifting music hour than on Madrid’s radio wave 96.9. My show is basically a home-made, mix tape each week – I try to stick to a pattern every week, starting out with something kind of gritty like the Velvet Underground and then move into ethereal, electronic, with heavy bass beat.  I usually include some reggae, rap, pop, funk or soul to get the listener’s day going in a positive way. There are a couple of yoga teachers in our community who actually use my show to warm-up to, and I do appreciate their enthusiasm for The Cosmic Dawn Music Hour.

What drew you to participate in KMRD?

Stella Linder Byrne was a big part of why I got involved in KMRD. In the beginning days of the radio station I was happy to help (with technology set-up, which is my vocation)  and be on the ground floor during the incubation period. We setup the original studio in the basement and climbed the hill to install the transmitter and antenna, what a thrill to help with those bits.  I’ve always wanted to be a DJ but never imagined that would be a possibility in 2015 and beyond. I also donated all my vinyl to the station – that felt fun and good. How wonderful to be able to do something to help get KMRD on the air.  I helped set-up the original DJ Otto and our little network as well as peanut butter & jelly sandwiches and anything my friend Stella needed to accomplish her vision: to have a local, community, commercial-free, radio station. Girl power!

How does doing a radio show fit into the rest of your life? What’s the appeal? What difference has it made for you?

It kind of sets the routine for my week and I feel so lucky to be a part of this organization and community grass roots endeavor. I try to pick music that’s upbeat and uplifting, to get everyone’s day going with some positive vibes. I’ve always loved music and I play the drums a little bit , when I first heard reggae in Austin back in 1982 it changed my life. But being a part of KMRD has brought more music into my life than expected, I am amazed at how diverse the shows are and how much music is out there in the world. It’s so fabulous being a part of the station with all the great DJs and the wonderful people in the Madrid community.

What are your hopes for your show? For the station?

I hope I can keep my show newfangled and people will enjoy it. Long live KMRD! My hope for the station is that fundraising efforts are a success and the station can go forward with less of a struggle and some day actually allow for staff to get a paycheck for all their hard work and commitment to keeping KMRD commercial free and on air.