DJ Comma // Donna O’Donovan

Name/DJ Name:   

Donna O’Donovan, aka DJ Comma

Name of Show/Day & Time:

Calling Sound, Sunday mornings, 9:00 to 10:00

What is your show’s format/has it morphed? (Featuring Poets & Music.)

I always choose the music for my show first, and then I pick the poetry a day or two before (or sometimes that day, before the show). I often read it cold—to me, that’s really exciting. Usually I’ve done a super-quick scan first, checking for FCC-unfriendly words, but reading and hearing it for the first time, I’m taking it in right along with you guys. I usually read only three poems—it feels fresh that way, like it’s manageable in those bursts, and it seems easier to hear the authenticity that the actual poet bestows on us. 

I’ve really enjoyed the weekly consistency of dedicating myself to my show. When I started out with the poetry format, I asked people to tell me some of their favorite poets on Facebook, and the lists I compiled from that was so helpful. Poetry was my main artform when I was young. I’ve learned a lot about music, too, doing my show—I like playing edgy musicians, or I like to think of them as edgy. Maybe they aren’t and it’s just because I’m such a softy!

What Drew You To KMRD?   

When I heard we had a radio station coming to Madrid, I was super excited. I’ve been so impressed with how hard everyone works—not just the DJs but also the staff and all the volunteers building the tower and the station. It’s almost mathematical, a circumference of diversity, what the DJs, the listeners, local and worldwide, and everyone else contributes. KMRD is particularly unique in Madrid culture because it adds an additional way of experiencing Madrid, a frame, and I really enjoy it. 

What’s Your Day Job? 

My day jobs have been working with herbs at Herbs, Etc in Santa Fe and Moonbow in Madrid. At the end of July, Terry and I are leaving to drive back east—I have two weekend workshops for clinical herbalists in North Carolina, one right away, then we’ll travel around seeing friends and family, and the second one will be at the end of our trip. When we come back, we’ll be living in the area outside Las Cruces, around Deming, where I hope to do herbal outreach and offer classes. It’s a huge change for me, and a big stretch for us to grow together, Terry and me, as a duo. My last show will be July 29th.

What Difference Has Being A DJ Made In Your Life? 

Now I can say I’ve been a DJ—that’s always fascinated me and now I’ve been a part of that; I’ve achieved that experience in my life. It’s an interesting vulnerability, even if you’re playing music, to present yourself and your voice to the world that way.