Sea Marie // Christin Boyd

What is your name? DJ name?

My name is Christin Boyd, and my DJ Name is Sea Marie.

What is the name of your show? When is it?

Salty Sunday, 10:00 to 12:00 on Sunday mornings.

Describe your show:

I have a hard time describing my show. I feel like it’s sort of leaning towards more folk-based, but alternative influences, and through a variety of genres and years, usually. Sometimes I do shows the vary from what I usually play, when I do a theme or when I do a show that’s all more recent music. I’m always adding new music that I find, but I always also go back to my favorites and things that move me, that I’ll play over and over again forever.

I like playing songs that are thought-provoking, which is why I chose Sunday, because I feel like it’s a good time to provoke thought! Not necessarily reverent thought… I really like thought-provoking songs, people making songs that really say something that strikes me as true, true to that person’s experience. I’m amazed by people who can put that into a song, and say something so succinctly and really hit something inside. That’s what I look for. I don’t think I look for a type of music as much as a way songs make me feel.

What drew you to participate in KMRD?

Oh, community radio! I was incredibly inspired by you and your enthusiasm for this project, and how you pulled it together and made it happen. It was never ever something that I thought I would want to do. But I love music and I listen to music all the time, and I love discovering new music and I love going to shows, and I have for years and years and years, and so there’s an accumulation of musical knowledge that wasn’t on purpose necessarily, but it’s there because of my interest in music throughout my life. And so it ten or fifteen or twenty years ago I wouldn’t have felt comfortable, but I think that I feel like I’ve accumulated enough musical knowledge to actually put together a show every week. And enjoy it, and not be stressed out by it, or self-conscious about it. It was community radio, in a small community, in a community that I know and love, that I felt very comfortable going ahead and putting it out there.

How does being a DJ affect/fit into the other parts of your life?

I built the mast for the antenna; I’m a blacksmith and I make functional wear and art primarily from metal, forged iron. That’s my day job, day into night, and weekend, whenever I’m awake job…

I’m always listening to music, so it fits in because it’s something that I do anyway. It’s probably the only thing in my life that’s truly scheduled on a very regular basis, so that aspect is actually nice for me, I always have to know when Sunday is. It inspires me to keep discovering music and to look for new music, and I really love that process.

What are your hopes for your show? For the station?

My hope for my show is that I don’t get redundant or boring. My hopes for the station are that it thrives. I’m just so impressed by how many people are dedicated to the station, and are contributing and being DJs, every week for three years now. There are people that have been doing it every week for three years without fail! And I love that. It’s a commitment that I didn’t even necessarily make to myself when I started, but it’s not a thinking that I have to do this, it’s something that i want to be doing. So my hope is that we keep going, and that we get to keep doing something that we really love.

What difference has being a DJ made in your life?

It has made Sunday holy.