What is your name? What is the name of your show?

I’m Rebar, and it’s the Solid Mud Show – Friday nights, 6-9.

Describe your show. What is the format of your show?

First and foremost, it’s about the music. I like deep, underground, loud, garage… typically. One of the best compliments someone could give me is, “Wow I really liked your show, and I didn’t know a single song on it.”

It does have a bit of duality to it, because you guys gave me a microphone and I decided I was going to use it. The show certainly has evolved and is continuing to evolve. It has a radio theater element, sort of in the tradition of Prairie Home Companion or Saturday Night Live – a lot of political satire. I want to give a big shout-out to Mick, co-collaborator for a lot of the skits, who plays a lot of the different characters and sort of enters in and out of the solid mud.

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Techno Sadhu // Ken Wolverton

What is your name, and what’s your DJ name?

Ken Wolverton, and I go by Techno Sadhu, pronounced Shadoo.

What’s the name of your show? What’s its format?

The Techno Sadhu Quartet. It’s a talk show divided into four half-hour sections: news according to me, which is not news at all but things people either write and I read, or recordings I play; the second 30 minutes is philosophy and psychology talks—Alan Watts has been my mainstay for the past 2 years, because he’s a most eloquent philosopher, a 20th-century equivalent of Sartre or Aristotle. The third quartet is all of my writings since I was 13 years old; I’ve read two dozen or more over the years, from my trilogy; and the last 30 minutes is left for a live interview series I started of the women of Madrid. We’re really a matriarchy, here in Madrid. 90 percent of our shops and restaurants are owned and operated by women.

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