KT // Katie Reed

What’s your name and your DJ name?

Katie Reed, KT.

What’s the name of your show?

Fresh From the Factory, Tuesdays, 5:00 to 6:00 pm

Describe your show. What’s its format?

My show is an exploration of my personal record collection. It’s totally freeform, a soundtrack for the moment. It’s exactly what I want to hear at that moment. 500+ LP and 500+ CD collections have all been hand-sourced secondhand or purchased from live performers. I’m lucky to share the collection with someone who has similar musical appreciation. Over half our music came to be through Captain Schmetterling, who collected for a long time. I’ve been collecting earnestly for about four years, although I’ve always purchased music from touring musicians whenever I could afford it.

My love of vinyl started with my parents’ record collection, which had a small selection of music from the early ‘70s, primarily folk, women wailers and my mom’s foray into country in the early ‘80s. We didn’t have a TV until I was a teenager so, instead of a TV screen, what I looked at were album covers and hopefully the lyrics.

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Clint // Clinton Anderson

What is your name and DJ name?

I’m Clinton Anderson and I just call myself Clint when I introduce my show.

What’s the name of your show?

Musical Goulash, Sundays at 2pm, a one-hour show.

What is the format of your show?

It is a musical variety show with an emphasis on the early sixties, about the latter half of the show is the early sixties, sometimes music even older than that. The first half of the show is more recent music.

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