Pete Amahl

What’s your name and your DJ name?

Pete Amaral, shortened to Pete Amahl, my stage name

What’s the name of your show, and when is it on?

The Night Visitor, Monday evenings, 4:00 to 6:00.

Please describe your show. What’s its format?

Mainly it’s jazz and rhythm & blues, from the community, both local musicians and national. I like to intercede and tell stories about my experiences being around some of the artists I was lucky enough to play with, and that is what I call it: luck. It’s ongoing because I still get a chance to be playing with people. Most of what I play on my show is the music that influenced my early life both as a person and a musician, so at my age we’re looking at the late ‘50s through the ‘80s. I play records from the extensive West Coast jazz collection that was passed on to me, and records of that era from the East Coast as well because that’s where I grew up, Fall River, Massachusetts. The West Coast is mostly big band, also a lot of combos. And spoken word from that era—I love it!

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Nightjar Family

Name & DJ Name

We are Mama Leesasee DJ Featherdust, Papa Spencer DJ Midden and Baby Solucien, who has been raised in the station and isn’t quite a baby anymore if you listen to him on Saturdays.

What is the name of your show?

We are the 5-7 Nightjar, Saturday evenings.

What is the format of your show?

We concentrate on new releases, like within a year with some relic tunes cut by wacky sound bytes paying some relevance to current events and vintage nostalgia. We showcase much of Solucien’s musings. It’s pretty freeform but layering is important. We like filler. It’s impossible not to pay attention to the headlines and throw it in the mix. That began in 2010 with the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. We broadcast a show [on KSFR during the Twisted Groove with DJ Spinifex] that had everything to do with that horror and tendering it with a soundtrack. This composition method sort of stuck.

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