Become An Underwriter

What is KMRD-LP?

KMRD-LP is Madrid Community Radio, a freeform radio station broadcasting out of Madrid, New Mexico. We are housed in a restored historic woodshop from Madrid’s coal mining past that doubles as a gathering and events space. Our DJs are from Madrid and the surrounding community: artists, youth, veterans, writers, performers, storytellers, historians, old-timers, critics, musicians, music fans, and everyone in between. In June 2018, we celebrated our third birthday!

The 35-watt station operates under a non-commercial, low power license from the FCC, and is operated by KMRD, Inc, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Madrid Community Radio aims to produce high-quality programming that is independent, diverse, and local, providing an alternative to mainstream commercial media. We are committed to developing broadcasting skills and providing an outlet for creative expression within our community, supporting and participating in community projects, connecting residents, and providing a public safety and informational resource.

Why support KMRD-LP?

We are an all-volunteer station that relies on support from individual listeners as well as local businesses and organizations to stay on the air. Madrid and the surrounding area are renowned for their unique cultural and artistic communities, and KMRD-LP’s lineup of DJs reflects the lively diversity of engaged individuals who call this area home, sharing programming that both represents and expands local cultural perspectives.

Your generous underwriting contribution will not only help keep that exchange alive, but will give you a chance to reach listeners with on-air messaging about your products and services. Listeners of KMRD-LP may tune in mainly to hear great music and storytelling, but they’re also here to stay in touch with their community. By demonstrating your support for KMRD-LP, you’ll send a valuable message to our listeners, many of whom prefer to patronize local businesses who are active in supporting community institutions like KMRD-LP.

Who listens to KMRD-LP?

KMRD-LP’s radio signal spans over 573 square miles. This area includes much of Santa Fe County as well as portions of San Miguel, Sandoval, Los Alamos, and Bernalillo Counties. Approximately 84,000 potential listeners live within the coverage area, according to the 2010 United States Census. We have a dedicated regular audience in the greater Madrid and Cerrillos communities, and coverage over major highways in the Santa Fe area, like NM 14, reaches commuters and visitors daily.

Because of your contribution, you will reach not only this local listenership over our airwaves, but also a worldwide audience online. Our live broadcast is available as a web stream, and you will also be listed as a sponsor on our website.

How does underwriting work?

Underwriting announcements on KMRD-LP must follow FCC guidelines. As a non-commercial radio station, KMRD-LP cannot sell or broadcast advertising, but the station may thank contributors in the form of a donor acknowledgment, also called “underwriting.” In brief, underwriting is: financial support of Madrid Community Radio, in exchange for an on-air announcement about the donor organization or

Underwriting announcements on KMRD-LP may take place at any natural break in programming (e.g., at the beginning or end of a program), and always begin with the same introduction: “This program is made possible in part by listeners like you, and the sponsorship of [your organization].” The announcement may then continue for up to 30 seconds.

Here’s a sample KMRD-LP underwriting announcement:

“This program is made possible in part by listeners like you and the sponsorship of: [your business name here], specializing in [your product or service]. [your business] is located at [your location]. For more information, the number is [your phone number] or [your web address].”

Following FCC regulations, KMRD-LP underwriting announcements cannot make qualitative statements (e.g., “the best,” “the cheapest,” “the most sought after”), statements of solicitation (this includes any call to action, such as “go visit,” “call now!”), or comparative statements (any language relating one business to its competitors). Price information and theme music are also prohibited. Underwriting donations may be tax deductible, since KMRD-LP is licensed to a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Where can I find our more?

Sponsoring a show on KMRD-LP is easy and affordable! For more information about underwriting policy, rates or announcement content on KMRD-LP, contact us at howdy@kmrd.fm.

To listen to KMRD-LP in our coverage area, tune your radio to 96.9 FM. If you’re out of range, stream our broadcast live on the web by going to www.kmrd.fm/listen/. To learn more about KMRD-LP, visit us at www.kmrd.fm, or find us on Facebook at facebook.com/madrid969fm/.